Saracens V Falcons

Saracens v newcastle falcons

Once again Bob Foster and Dave Thomas put together an excellent programme of events when we travelled to see Saracens narrowly beat Newcastle Falcons on a cold and wet Saturday 27th February. Following the pick up at (or near) the home address of the group, with the exception of Raymond Rooke who was unfortunately unwell (we wish him all the best, and thank him for the pie) but could you pay for it next time Raymond? Our first stop was the Warwick Services where we had a breakfast of sausage and cheese and bacon and cheese oatcakes, a Stokey delicacy. We were also treated to champagne and brandy as you can see from the photographs.


Breakfaast at Warwick Services


It would appear the Roy Harris has perfected holding the champagne holder in his mouth without talking and even pursuaded Dave Phillips (AKA Noisy) to give it a try.

Following the journey down the M40 and around the M25 we arrived at our next stop which was the Harvester at Muswell Hill where we had further refreshments of ale and food.


Liquid lunch at the Harvester

The drive to Allianz Park was short and uneventful as we were all as full as a butchers dog and ready for either a lie down or another beer, as it turned out we had another beer after we celebrated our arrival with the mascot.


Celebrating our arrival with the mascot and looking on is our mate Bill

The match was very close with the Falcons taking an early lead but at the start of the second half Saracens took the lead and the Falcons could not improve their game enough to take the lead, some of us watched the match from the stands and directly behind the Falcons Director of Rugby, Dean Richards.


Newcastle Falcons coaching staff

After a few more beers at the ground we headed North and back up the M40 for our next and final stop prior to the end of the evening, this was at Dawatts where we had an excellent curry with a glass or two of wine, as you can see from Dean’s enthusiastic attack on his starter he was well hungry by now.

photo 1

Hungry chappy after a hard day


The rest of us were more sedate


Waiting patiently

Following our meal Dave very kindly dropped each one of us off at our homes where we did not have far to stagger.

Thanks Dave for all the driving, collecting, cleaning and returning the van. Thanks also to Rob for organising the event, the itnierary, getting the tickets and booking the Harvester and Dawats.

© Trevor Dean 2014