Saints v Falcons

24th October 2015 at 06:30 Dave Thomas pulled himself out of his pit, showered and dressed and went outside for the start of another fantastic day. He checked his co-pilot AKA Bob Foster to see if Lynn had dressed him correctly (looking at the pitcures she hand not) then they were off. Roy Harris, Charles Gwynn and Trevor Dean, back to Redditch to get Bill  and then to pick up a rowdy lot from Hollywood (not the USA). There we collected Bryan Phillips, Dave Phillips AKA noisy, Richard Phillips, son of noisy, Dean Spencer and John Lewis AKA Raj Shroff.

 After a seeminglesly endless journey we arrived in Henley in Arden, where we all doffed our caps and Raymond Rooke joined us, pork pie and pickles in hand. Another hours drive through the Stratford countryside and we arrived for breakfast (somewhere). An hour later and we hit the M42 Southbound headed for the MK Dons stadium, there are some really nice roundabouts in Milton Keynes, unfortunately we didnt see them but we saw the same ones several times (no disrespect Dave). 

Finally we arrived at the stadium rather tired and thirsty. For some reason known only to Noisy we did a tour of the bars (not purchasing any alcohol) until we returned to the first bar and decided to partake of the beverages on offer.  We took our very comfortable seats and waited patiently for the kick off, which the teams duly obliged and saw a really good game of Rugby intersperced with trips to the nearset bar followed by trips to the nearest urinal and no I wasnt the first.

After the game we assembled near to the bar inside to watch on the the quarter final matches of the World Cup before heading out to those dreaded roundabouts, we dropped Raymond off and then headed for the bright lights of Birmingham, Ladypool Road actually where we partook of a very nice curry together with a few more beverages before dropping people off in reverse order or something like that.

We all had a fantastic day and managed to raise some funds for the Almoner which was handed over at the last officers meeting. We had a raffle to see who could guess the aggregate score of the match and this was won by Noisy who duly added it to the collection (bless him). Thanks to Dave for driving and Bob once again for organising, the next one is likely to be February.

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Glum and glummer?

I knew Lynn hadn’t dressed you 

Enjoying the delights of Ladypool Road

No water boys at our matches

Dave Thomas presenting a cheque to the Almoner Roger Holt for £65.00 from the day at MK Dons

© Trevor Dean 2014